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Did you score a new Android tablet for Christmas? You probably ripped it out of its packaging, powered it up and wondered what to do next. Here we've collected 25 great apps to help bring your new tablet to life.

Unlike Apple's iPad, Android tablets don't have tens of thousands of apps developed specifically for the larger screen size, and though you can install a majority of the apps available on the Android Market, you will find many of these are just smartphone apps stretched across the tablet's 10-inch display. Many apps will only be usable in portrait mode, and many will format poorly, with tiny blocks of text and masses of empty space, including big name apps like Facebook and Google Reader.

The apps below are different. Some are created specifically for Android tablets, and others simply translate well. We've tried to cover the activities we use tablets for most, including gaming and media playback, plus we've included apps that help bridge the divide between your tablet and your PC experience.

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JeffreyL2 posted a comment   

Not available in The Netherlands.


yadekul posted a comment   

Crackle is a great app, but I'm having no luck with my Iconia A500. The app loads up ok, but when you select a show/movie to play, nothing happens. Shame that.


Zacy44 posted a comment   

Joe, I urgently need your help in purchasing a tablet
Could you email me : for more info on what I need.


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

Sure, I'll be in touch.

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