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Things have been a little quiet for plasma TVs in the past few years, especially after the big players Hitachi and Pioneer pulled out.

With the notable exception of Panasonic, the focus amongst manufacturers is almost exclusively LCD and its variant LED.

For our money, the Panasonic Viera TH-P42V20A is the best of this bunch as it has a superior mix of image quality, features and price.

Unlike previous years, all of the TVs here are full high definition and offer a good mix of features and performance. We're constantly refreshing this list with further 2010 models; check back soon.

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didi tea posted a comment   

If you want to know more about how to test the TV performance etc., go to read Home Theatre Magazine from USA. They tell you how they test Panasonic Plasma TV for months as to find the black level will turn to grey or not..........


jonathon posted a comment   

with the panasonic 42V20A Plasma what is jaggines?


Ty Pendlebury posted a reply   

Jaggies are what happens when straight lines become "interlaced" during the video encoding process. If a TV is unable to remove this effect straight lines appear jagged instead.


mattyk posted a comment   

how can this be the best plasma's when you have 3 panasonic's which are good, and one crapy LG. what happen with samsung? you need to test all leading brands of plasma tv's. and from all reports samsung c7000 is one of them. samsung were the first to bring out there 2010 plasma, yet they seem to be the last to get to get a review. WHY?


my review posted a comment   

sony television are **** house i saw sony and panasonic **** on them


treats posted a comment   

Complaints about the black levels on Panasonic Plasmas and yet LCD tv's have never had deep blacks or natural looking colours only exaggerated colours and blown out contrast!

The blacks on my Panasonic are going strong after 4yrs and no mechanical faults ever and will be picking up a 58v hopefully soon.

Installed a top of the range Sony for the brother in-law and I hated the artificial looking picture it produces, I will be sticking with Plasma thats for sure.

Pioneer only pulled out because of financial issues hence no more dvrs from them and their bottom end Blu-ray players have Sharp internals I believe.


ChkChkBoom posted a comment   

As cnet America is not recommending anyone buy Panasonic plasma becasue of blacks going to grey at around 400 hours and
Panasonic not admitting anything wrong (designed to do it!), should not all cnet Australia reviews of Pansonic plasma not have this warning too? See the AVS forumns folks.


StuartT posted a reply   

never had a problem with mine. still works great for me and blacks are very black. i would recommend a panasonic to anyone.

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