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Bob from iinet sucks posted a comment   

I dont think Cnet likes how routers look since they said it was bad that the seagate freeagent xtreme 1tb looks like a router lol


ballen posted a comment   

sick site totally helped me


Jenna posted a comment   

In 7 days, i-Mtop will be available for purchase online. i-Mtop is an intelligent software that you can install and carry several MSI-based applications, plus keep your personal desktop environment with you wherever you go.
i-Mtop can be carried on your own thumb drive, or any portable storage device like your i-Pod or SD card on your mobile phone. The best news is the price at just $9.90.
Downloads are available from 31 July 2009 on


jingjing posted a comment   

awesome..........tuis site is soo useful to peole


juergen mati posted a comment   

This is a useful site for people who want to buy portable storage devices, but don%u2019t know what they are used for and are just getting use of the device.


Phill posted a comment   

Useful site for someone looking at getting into portable hard drives for the first time (like me). A couple of questions? is the unit simply a file storage? can you run programs from it (we are looking at having our DVD transfer and storage on this unit to free space on our laptop) or do you need all programs resident on the PC? does having a device like this slow the PC speed down? Please assist direct to

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