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June has been a massive month in consumer tech. Apple announced iOS 6, Google announced Jelly Bean and Microsoft took the covers off its Surface tablets. Aussies now have several super-cheap tablet options in the Google Nexus 7 and the Kogan Agora ICS tab. Also, Nintendo revealed its super-sized 3DS, and much more.

It was also a huge month for reviews on CNET Australia, with a high number of the products we saw earning our coveted Editor's Choice award. Below is the best of the best for June 2012.

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smarttrams posted a comment   

MY LG LM9600 is on the list, I knew it was a brilliant choice.


kentla posted a comment   

The lm9600 has almost no bezel! Even the design is modern. Would be a great addition to the house.


CampbellS posted a comment   

I upgraded from the Galaxy S2 to the S3 and I have noticed that the photos dont seem quite as crisp as the S2 , which took amazing photos for a phone. One wonders why Samsung chose to fiddle with the camera ?? The thing that the S2 didnt have that the S3 does is the amazing panorama function. Ive taken some sweet photos with that. Adds another dimension.Best thing on the phone I reckon.

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