Topfield and Windows PVRs to get more TiVo features

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As TiVo edges ever closer, local EPG provider IceTV has announced its guide will now offer suggestions based on the programs you've recorded previously.

IceTV Recommendations puts a green star next to suggested television shows

"IceTV Recommendations" are marked with a green star icon within the electronic program guide (EPG), allowing IceTV users to select them for more information. This differs from the TiVo system in that it doesn't automatically record the show, meaning your hard drive won't fill up with content you may never watch without your knowing.

"The system is so simple. You can either ignore the suggested TV show or conveniently set your device at home to go ahead and record it. It's a case of we recommend and then let you decide," said Matt Kossatz, IceTV's General Manager.

IceTV has allied with Perth-based start-up Recommendation Ventures to provide the "intelligent" recommendations. The new feature is only available on Windows Media Center and Mac/EyeTV at present, but compatibility with other PVRs which use the IceTV guide will be announced in the coming weeks.

The new feature follows another TiVo-like feature called IceTV Remote, which lets you record TV from a mobile handset or PC.

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Dean posted a comment   

The reason it doesn't automatically record the "recommended" shows is not "so that your hard drive doesn't fill up" -- it's because Tivo have patented that idea.

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