Topfield cuts prices on PVR range

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Topfield has announced a price reduction of up to 40 per cent on its personal video recorders (PVRs) in the lead up to Christmas, with the largest saving available on the company's two Masterpiece models.

The Topfield TRF-2460 receives a 40 per cent price drop
(Credit: Topfield)

The price cut affects the TRF-2460 Masterpiece HD Plus, which is reduced from AU$1299 to AU$799, and the TRF-2400 Masterpiece, which is slashed from AU$1099 to AU$649.

The two PVRs offer up to 1TB of storage, recording of up to four channels on their dual tuners, internet streaming and soon DLNA support.

The other two models to receive a cut are the TRF-7160 (from AU$699 to AU$549) and the TRF-7100 Plus (from AU$899 to AU$599).

"The price reductions come on the heels of a very strong sales year for Topfield in Australia," said Robert Bonanno, marketing manager for Topfield.

The price cut follows TiVo's AU$200 drop in November 2010.

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badgez posted a comment   

What about a lowly Dick Smith HD Set Top Box???

for 60 bucks, I can watch and record [also time-record] all the free-to-air; play all my .avi, .vob, mp4 files ....

Believe me, I'm laughing all the way to the bank... well, actually no-one laughs all the way to the bank these days, but you know what I mean ...


colster posted a comment   

Id like to know are the Masterpeice a really a good machine as i looked at the Panasonic DVD recorder but all the reviews seem a bit blah to me.Good price at the $649 though.


BrindiCruiser posted a comment   

ahhh the classic materpiece. Thanks but got one.


JonB posted a comment   

Anyone wanna but a TOPFIELD TF-5000 MASTERPIECE system ??

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