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After an overwhelmingly negative response to its update that will add featured torrents, µTorrent has decided to give users a way to opt out.

(Credit: µTorrent)

The BitTorrent client has announced that it will also be removing apps in an effort to remove bloat from the software, and is evaluating the necessity of other features in order to slim down.

Moderator bigfalls said in a blog post:

This being an experiment, we've previously discussed whether or not to provide an offer opt-out. Given your feedback, we've decided to go ahead with this in the upcoming version. Each of you will have the opportunity to see and experience offers for yourselves. If you don't like what you see, simply opt out entirely.

Having said that, we stand behind offers as a reasonable trade-off to providing our users with valuable, free software, and we will continue to pursue them. Our goal is, frankly, to provide a better experience than we do with our current offer mix. Of course, this is not an overnight change.

As you might expect, this response has delighted the community, which seems to be firmly aboard Team µTorrent once more after this demonstration that the developer does actually care about what users want.

Now if only it could give everyone a big old cuddle...

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eDDie posted a comment   

I just wanted to know how you read their name out. Everyone I know calls it U torrent, even though the symbol µ means micro . . .


Michelle Starr posted a reply   

Yeah, we do the same. It's easier innit.

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