Toshiba 55VL900A

Toshiba's recently launched backlit LED VL900A television packs features such as passive 3D technology and WiDi connectivity into a 55-inch display.

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  • Reddep



    "Agreed! Great Smart TV. Had mine for 12 now, awesome picture quality, easy programming, smart furniture item as well. I paid $1199.00 for ours, with a free $200.00 credit card, so really only $999...."

  • JasonT2



    "We replaced our 42" LCD with this t.v (the biggest that would fit in our space) and chose it over other options based on value for money. It does pretty much everything any t.v. on the market can d..."

  • ChrisB9


    "Where did you buy your Toshiba 55VL900A TV from and how much did you pay for it?"

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