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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Toshiba dumps OLED, embraces 3D

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(Credit: Toshiba)

Toshiba has made two separate, but possibly related, announcements around CEATEC this week, with the introduction of two glassless 3D TVs and the discontinuation of OLED research.

While Toshiba is investing quite heavily in glassless 3D, it is scaling down its OLED research and diverting employees to its LCD panel division, according to CrunchGear.

Toshiba reportedly said its decision to scrap OLED for portable devices was triggered by a surge in demand for LCD this year, and a loss in earnings triggered by the financial slump.

Meanwhile, the "glasses-less" 12-inch 12GL1 and 20-inch 20GL1 Regza 3D TVs are slated for release in Japan by the end of December.

Both feature LED-backlit LCD panels tuned for 3D playback and feature a lenticular screen (an array of lenses) overlay and new 3D Cell Regza engine supporting 3D images of up to 720p.

Toshiba promises wide viewing angles by using nine perspectives from each 2D picture frame, which is generated in real time by the powerful Cell processor.

The US$1500 12GL1 has a 466x350-pixel panel and a 65cm viewing distance, while the US$2900 20GL1 will come with a 1280x720-pixel screen and a 90cm recommended viewing range.

Glassless 3D is nowhere near a mature technology and has the potential to be as damaging to the format as 3D consumer camcorders.

How will the future look back on these announcements? As OLED has the potential to be the dominant technology in 10 years, is Toshiba making a mistake? Let us know below.


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hjkhjkhui posted a comment   

i don't get it...why not research 3D OLED displays???

in all honesty, toshiba should just give-up.

have they even made anything worthwhile in the last decade?


RJ posted a comment   

Glasses-Less 3d is certainly the way to go, if the quality can be at least as good as High Def. Certainly any 3d, using glasses is good as a gimmick, but who'd want to stick with it.

I can't help feeling that a company such as Toshiba wouldn't completely drop OLED, just reduce the effort until they can do it economically.


tassam posted a comment   

i think they should continue research on both projects as both are very good ideas.

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