Toshiba Satellite Z830

Toshiba's Satellite Z830 is without question the leading ultrabook in the market today. With extra ports, backlit keyboard and stellar battery life, it stands head and shoulders above competitors.

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User Reviews / Comments  Toshiba Satellite Z830

  • Cat1922



    "i love it at first. then 3 months down the track, my hard drive crashed. then the letter T fell off the keyboard. two other letters also became unstable. Toshiba were great in replacing my hard dr..."

  • MiekeS



    "My Z830 was 7 months old when the hard drive crashed.

    Luckily for me I purchased insurance and had no worries just getting a new one, as I didn't need to go through Toshiba.

  • CalO



    "This machine goes from bad to worse, after the hard drive crashed (oh yeah they are not supposed to do that are they ??) the keys stick now the touch pad mouse has packed in.

    This mach..."

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