Touchscreen N97 unveiled at Nokia World

(Credit: Nokia)

BARCELONA, SPAIN — The rumours have gotten it right again, almost. For the past several weeks, Nokia, has, taking a leaf out of Apple's product marketing book, dangled a carrot to the tech world by keeping its upcoming product cloaked in secrecy. Since then, the Web has been on fire with speculation about Nokia's mystery phone, including rumor that it could be a touchscreen phone to rival the iPhone 3G.

While the N97 announced at Nokia World 2008 today in Barcelona, Spain, does have a generous 3.5-inch touchscreen (640 x 360-pixel) display, it also comes with a slideout flip-up QWERTY keypad. So, apple-to-apple, this resembles the HTC TyTN II or even the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 far more than the said iPhone.

As the newest flagship model in Nokia's Nseries line-up, and after a glance at the show-piece, expect everything but the kitchen sink here. In addition to 802.11b/g wireless LAN and GPS (with A-GPS), the N97 comes with HSDPA and A2DP Bluetooth radios. There's also support for multiple playback formats, a 3.5mm audio jack, VGA-quality video recording at 30fps, 5-megapixel image capture and the latest Series60 5th Edition OS.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the N97 is its huge 32GB on-board memory, which is one of the highest capacities we have seen on a phone thus far. Additionally, the handset also comes with a built-in microSD card slot, which can currently support up to 16GB media, bringing the maximum storage possible on the N97 to an impressive 48GB.

The N97 is expected to be available worldwide in the first half of 2009 at an estimated price of 550 euros (AU$1,090) before tax or subsidies.

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wwwat posted a comment   

this phone seems very cool
i love NOKIA it rocks but this phone is sort of EXPENSIVE... but i whant IT


wolf3188 posted a comment   

why do you need that much memory or features on a PHONE that thing is like a small computer and i bet it will cost about 2 grand just like a computer my ZTE F152 does my job


r.velante posted a comment   

here we go, another i-phone luvo...isn't this the same phone that cannot send MMS unless it's on e-mail?? The same phone that has a bluetooth but only for headsets??? ...ahh they must think that the phone is actually good when it is as bad the hype it lets out. Go Nokia!!


alexeiw123 posted a comment   

that looks shmick. im tempted to stay away after all the dramas i've had with my n95... but i cant help but think.. i want that


canberra_photographer posted a comment   

Thick and expensive, the design is recyling the old Nokia Communicator 9900 series. It lacks the style and practicality of HTC, the simplicity of the iPhone and the sleek power of the latest Samsungs. posted a comment   

I'm still leaning towards the xperia (shame about that camera tho)


Pete posted a comment   

And the screen resolution is low compared to the xperia


blaah posted a comment   
New Zealand

it looks pretty thick though


Rolloxan posted a comment   

an all in one phone, AND the perfect brick for building a new house. What CAN'T Nokia do? :D


BChau posted a comment   

The spec is very impressive. And the camera lens is Carl Zess. Would be very high quality. Truly an all-in-one phone.

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