Toyota GT 86 (2012)

Toyota has released the first pictures and details of its forthcoming affordable sports car, the GT 86.

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In brief

An evolution of the FT-86 series of show cars, the production car features a 2-litre boxer engine borrowed and refined from Subaru. With the added direct injection, this engine now pumps out 147kW of power and 205Nm of torque to the rear wheels.

Both six-speed manual and automatic transmissions will be available, as will 17- and 18-inch wheels, but other specification details are a bit sparse on the ground at the moment. Measuring around 4.2m long, the car is about the same length as a Corolla or Golf.

In Japan the car will wear the 86 nameplate in honour of the AE86 Corolla that starred in the Initial D comics and anime. In Europe, meanwhile, the car will be adorned with GT 86 badges, which we seem likely to be adopted here.


We'll (hopefully) have more details when the car is fully unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show mid-week. And stay tuned, as next weekend we'll follow that up with our first driving impressions of the car.

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PhilS posted a comment   

Ah, the new Celica


JaidenR posted a comment   

looks awesome but the torque is a bit of a let down


smartalec posted a review   

Looks ok, wish they had kept more of the original concept, its too toned down, especially at the rear


KeeganSmith47 posted a comment   

Is it just me? Every time I look at this emblem with '86' I immediately see 'BS'


Will1505 posted a comment   

looks awesome except for the middle console (i don't think toyota will ever make a stunning interior) and the engine is a little disappointing. Like that its RWD though

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