Toyota recalls 1.3 million Yaris models

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Toyota has issued a worldwide recall for 1.3 million current generation Yaris hatchbacks and sedans — 45,360 of them from Australia.

(Credit: Toyota)

The recall relates to an insulator pad installed underneath the front seat belt retractors. In a worst-case scenario, according to the recall notice, the insulators could catch fire during a crash.

As the Yaris is fitted with seat belt pretensioners, these cars, in certain crashes, will use a small pyrotechnic explosion to tighten the seat belts to hold passengers in place. The hot gas given off in the act of pretensioning could damage the faulty insulator pad and trigger a fire. According to reports, there have only been three incidents reported worldwide, with one occurring in Australia.

Cars affected include all current model Yarises made between 28 June 2005 and 9 April 2007. Toyota Australia will attempt to contact all affected Yaris owners. However, if you suspect that the company doesn't have your details, please contact your local Toyota dealer.

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