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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Toyota's Camatte 57s: a build-it-yourself car for kids

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The Camatte 57s.(Credit: Toyota)

At the Tokyo Toy Show, Toyota unveiled the Camatte 57s, an electric-powered toy car that families can build together.

Sure. You could go out and grab yourself a US$900 Porsche pedal car — but, even without the luxury label, we think Toyota has won this round of toy car.

Last year, the company revealed the Camatte concept, a build-it-yourself coupe-style mini-mobile for kids. This year's Tokyo Toy Show saw the company do one — or, rather, two — better, with the Camatte 57s and the Camatte 57s Sport.

The Camatte 57s Sport.
(Credit: Toyota)

The two three-seater, open-top roadsters are customisable, with 57 coloured panels that let you choose the paintwork. At 3x1.44x1m, and with an electric drivetrain, this probably isn't the kind of car for zipping around the backyard in.

Parents needn't be too concerned, either. Even though kids can control the car from the front seat, the right-side rear seat also has access to steering and braking controls so that mum or dad can take over if things get a little hairy — although, the cars won't exactly be breaking the sound barrier in terms of speed. Toyota didn't say exactly how fast they could go, but it's on the low side.

If the Camatte 57s and 57s Sport follow in the treads of their predecessor, though, they will possibly never even make it to production.

Check out how the 57s is put together in the video below.


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