TPG one-ups itself in broadband battle

in brief Internet service provider TPG has one-upped itself in the ongoing battle for bandwidth supremacy by releasing a new unlimited plan for a minuscule $29.99 per month.

At a cursory glance, the new plan is not too dissimilar from its current unlimited offering. The difference lies in that the plan needs to be bundled separately with TPG home phone line rental at an extra cost of $30 per month, bringing the full cost of the new unlimited offering to $59.99 — a full $20 cheaper than its current unlimited plan.

The new unlimited plan still includes unlimited, unmetered uploads and downloads and free IPTV on a six- or 18-month contract offering.

TPG's plan is the latest shot to sound out in the bandwidth battle after cut-price internet service provider, Dodo, launched a 3-terabyte plan earlier this month.


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Jimmy posted a comment   

Now if only the gave a reason why they reached the "Final Testing" stage of the ADSL2+ upgrades in my area and then totally abandoned it.

TPG where great when we where with them (for many years) but with the ADSL2+ upgrades being repeatedly pushed back and then abandoned in the month it was supposed to be completed, it's not worth sticking with them any more.

I also agree, Foxtel and fax are dead. It's called E-mail and streamed media people!


Guy that Likes Faxes posted a comment   

Read Small print doesn't allow faxes or Foxtel's return path service. Why are they selling a PSTN line that doesn't perform fully like a PSTN line?


Deicide posted a reply   

Faxing and Foxtel are both obsolete.. or at least they should be - Free-To-Air tv is much better!

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