Transforming Kawasaki concept goes from two wheels to three

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At the Tokyo Motor Show, Kawasaki unveiled the Kawasaki J — a concept three-wheeled electric vehicle that becomes sleek and streamlined for sport riding.

(Credit: Kawasaki)

It may not be as futuristic as the Toyota concept that can read your emotions, but perhaps Kawasaki's Tokyo Motor Show concept has a better chance of seeing fruition. Looking like something out of Tron in the motorcycle manufacturer's signature neon green, the Kawasaki J is an electric three-wheeler, two wheels at the front and a thick one at the back, that transforms for two different riding modes.

In Sport Mode, the J lowers and streamlines its body, bringing its two front wheels together and allowing "the rider to become one with the vehicle", like a sport motorcycle. Rather than the traditional handles, the steering seems to be controlled by a pair of inward-facing handles attached to the front wheels.

(Credit: Kawasaki)

For Comfort Mode, the seat and handles raise up, and the front wheels separate, transforming into something that looks a little more like a traditional three-wheeled vehicle. Kawasaki calls this "a relaxed riding position for city riding".

Details are otherwise scarce. The company didn't drop any details about the engine, speeds or power, and the display model hasn't been seen transforming, so even whether or not it works is an open question. It certainly looks the part, though, and we'd love to see it in action.

We're probably unlikely to anytime soon, though — most motor show concepts appear, catch our attention and then disappear, never to be heard from again.

(Credit: Kawasaki)

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