TrekPak takes the velcro out of camera bags

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Could you do with a little less velcro in your photography life? The TrekPak is a special padded insert that will do away with all those annoying ripping sounds.

(Credit: TrekPak)

Trying to adjust a regular photo gear bag often results in lots of furious battles with velcro. Inserts are often hard to position accurately and the loud sound makes being inconspicuous rather difficult, especially in sensitive situations. TrekPak uses a system of pin inserts that adjust the width and size of the compartments to fit different objects in your camera bag, such as lenses and camera bodies.

(Credit: TrekPak)

TrekPak isn't a bag in itself — rather, you put the insert into existing cases or bags from brands like Pelican and Deuter.

The project is being funded through Kickstarter, seeking investment of US$15,000, which will let the creators start production.

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