Trey Ratcliff on HDR and the future of photography

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Renowned photographer Trey Ratcliff has a job that every aspiring photographer envies.

Ratcliff is a photographer with an array of spectacular images to his name, travelling the world to document some spectacular sights. His work has helped pioneer a resurgence in high dynamic range (HDR) photography. Travelling to Australia recently, Ratcliff spoke with CNET Australia about his artistic philosophies, the realities of running a successful imaging business and the future of HDR.

Get acquainted with more of Ratcliff's work by taking a look at his website, Stuck In Customs, where he posts a new photo every day. You can also follow him on Twitter and Google+.

Ratcliff also offers a range of video tutorials on photography. As a special discount to CNET Australia readers, enter the code "THANKSLEXI" for a 15 per cent discount on the nine class HDR tutorial on Stuck In Customs.

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RameshI posted a comment   

oh my goodness - in this tech age the CNET interviewer holds a mike to try's face - cant they wire him up - he is such a techie

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