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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Turn your phone into cash

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This year, several hundred thousand Australians will have their iPhone contracts expire and may pick up a flash new handset. Statistically speaking, only 5 per cent of those people will recycle their old phones. A similar portion of the millions of Aussies who don't use Apple smartphones are also due for a refresh. Perhaps a little cash might increase this figure.

Money4mobiles is a new Australian business that is offering cold, hard cash for your old phones and promises to recycle the phones after exporting them from our shores. Functional phones will be refurbished for developing nations, while all other handsets will be recycled for parts. The amount of money on offer for your phone is determined by the model and its current condition, for example, a 16GB iPhone 3G in as-new condition will fetch AU$297.50 (minus what it will cost you to post it to money4mobiles) while a Samsung F480 in similar condition (one of Australia's most popular phones of the last few years) will return AU$34.

If the thrill of recycling doesn't adequately stimulate your good will, you can also direct money4mobiles to donate the money it offers for your old phone to the the Make a Wish Foundation. You're also urged to send in phones that aren't worth any money as part of the company's cash-back system and have money4mobiles recycle these handsets as well.

For full details on how this new business works and to find out how much your old phones are worth, check out

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Bobzee posted a comment   

Just sent in my crap Nokia N73 after installing a new $10 cover on it, and received a generous $85; i love helping the environment.

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