Turnbull launches broadband tracker website

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has launched a new website built on data collected from the telcos purporting to display broadband availability across Australia.

(Screenshot by CNET Australia)

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said he has achieved a first for the Australian government in delivering MyBroadband, a new website that aims to provide information on the download speeds available across Australia.

The website was launched today, accompanying the full report into Australian broadband quality and accessibility from the Department of Communications late last year.

MyBroadband is similar to NBN Co's rollout tracker, and allows users to put in their address and see what broadband is available in their area, be it ADSL, hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC), or fibre, as well as 3G or 4G connectivity. It also provides an estimation of the available download speeds on those services.

"It will enable Australians to see how their neighbourhood rates in terms of internet connectivity," Turnbull told journalists in Sydney today.

"All the leading telecommunications companies, and a lot of the smaller ones, too, to get as much information as we can to determine in these small areas what the availability of broadband and what the quality is," he said.

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gregory.opera posted a comment   

I'd take that information with a grain of salt.

According to the information provided by that site, the Internet at our old address (in Puckapunyal, Victoria) is appalling and the Internet at our new address (in Gunn, Northern Territory) is fantastic...

Meanwhile back in Reality, the Internet in Gunn is appalling in the most extreme sense (apparently because the exchange is "over capcity") and we barely get ADSL speeds, let alone ADSL 2 speeds!

Back in Puckapunyal, we had a fast Internet connection that was always fast and reliable... Which is in complete contradiction to what that Web site claims!


ChrisE2 posted a comment   

Pointless website. Doesnt have the information captured for my area and doesnt work on a mobile android phone. Waste of my tax contribution......


AlexA2 posted a comment   

If they completed the FTTP NBN rollout they wouldn't need to waste time with this as >90% of the country would be eligible for the same speeds!


A Dose of Reality posted a comment   

This is called preparation.

This is the hotch-potch of crap we will be stuck with when we are all sold to Rupert (when the supposed "study" is "completed").

As to the supposed average speeds in the area - overblown by over 300% in this case.

Worth looking at though - because if Rupert's co-axial cable runs into your area you'll not be getting NBN broadband (FTTP) - not even Malcolm's fraudband (FTTN) - as you'll already be deemed to be "connected" (via "hybrid co-axial").

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