Turtle Beach XP500

The XP500s deliver the ultimate in connectivity and above average sound. Gamers with well-stocked bank accounts will find plenty to like.

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User Reviews / Comments  Turtle Beach XP500

  • Headley67



    "Once again people on CNET giving ratings when they probably haven't even listen to the headphones. Well, I actually own a pair of the TB X500's (picked up for $170 on Catch Of The Day). These are..."

  • TheUltimateEye


    "Why people continue to buy "gaming" headsets is beyond me. Most of them are cheap and overpriced (Including these. Yes i've heard them and was not impressed for the amount of money Turtle Beach is ..."

  • lox429


    "I have the non amped ones (the box thing) and they're great. Can be a little uncomfortable if on for too long,but the sound is awesome."

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