TVS, C31 switch to digital-only transmission

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From yesterday (1 March 2012), those tuning into Sydney's TVS or Melbourne's C31 for the latest instalment of Vasili's Garden, Classic Restos or Deutsche Welle's Euromaxx will need to do so via a digital tuner.

On 1 March 2012, the community television stations in both Sydney (TVS) and Melbourne (C31) ceased the simulcast of their signal in analog and digital, with programming now exclusively being shown via digital free-to-air.

If you can't see TVS or C31 on your TV or digital set-top box, you'll need to rescan. Both stations are housed under the logical channel number 44, with TVS broadcasting on 536.625MHz and C31 on 557.625MHz.

The community stations in Brisbane (31 Digital) and Perth (WTV) have already made the switch to digital-only broadcasting.

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