Tweetro slams into Twitter's new 100K user limit

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In the first significant casualty of Twitter's new limits on third-party developers, Tweetro for Windows 8 has informed customers that they may be locked out due to reaching Twitter's 100,000 token limit.

Tweetro is still available, but you won't be able to get a new Twitter token to use it.
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Tweetro has been a popular Twitter app for Windows 8, with one of the best Windows 8-style (don't call it Metro) presentations around. But that popularity has become its problem, with users on Friday finding that they were unable to authorise their Twitter accounts through the free application anymore.

Twitter recently announced developer changes that limit applications to a maximum of 100,000 authentication tokens. Each time a user signs in to a Twitter account for the first time through an application, that first authorisation uses a token. If an application supports multiple sign ins, each user could be using more than one authentication token.

According to WindowsObserver, Tweetro has contacted users to let them know of the problem, and that they are attempting to find a solution with Twitter. The team behind Tweetro, Lazyworm Applications, suggested that they had hoped that Twitter would not lock applications out before the March deadline for developers to move to its newest API.

Current users can continue to use Tweetro as long as they keep it installed and remain signed in with their accounts. If an account is removed from the application, it would require another token to reinstate the account.

With no official Twitter application for Windows 8 yet available, it seems to be very harsh of Twitter to hold one of the most popular apps available for Windows 8 to its hard line on authentication limits. Lazyworm Applications has also suggested that its only road ahead may be to relaunch as a premium paid app, leaving current users of the free product behind.

One of the most popular Twitter apps for iOS, Tweetbot, recently launched a Mac version at a price of US$20.99 on the Mac App Store. The price seemed aimed at driving away all but the most dedicated users in order to ensure that they received an appropriate level of earnings to support the app by the time they reach Twitter's new developer limit.

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