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Twitter's mobile apps and website will now surface photo and video content much easier than before thanks to in-line previews.

The microblogging service announced the move on its own blog, stating that Twitter timelines will be "more visual and more engaging" than before.

Previously, users had to click out to a separate link to access content created with Twitter's own Vine app. Closer integration with Vine now means that previews of photo or video content will be displayed on the timeline without needing to click through to a separate link. To play content, tap the image — as shown in Twitter's example below:

Twitter has been testing in-line media previews for a few months, making them available for a selected number of users until now. Updates to iOS and Android apps are available from the iTunes Store and Google Play, respectively.

Some third-party apps, such as Tweetbot 3, have a similar method of displaying photo and video content in timelines.

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