Unboxing Sony's PS3 Slim

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Sony reps jumped in the fastest car available to get the PS3 Slim to the CNET offices after the announcement of the PS3 Slim at Gamescom in Germany. We were amongst the first to get a chance to see the skinny new PS3 for ourselves.

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Spartan Jack 17 posted a comment   

PS3 is ugly


Sarah posted a comment   

I hate how the top isn't glossy, makes it look like one of those hack jobs done at home =( I love my original ps3 tho lol


GW posted a comment   

Man I get sick of ppl wafling on about prices in the US vs Aus HELLO PPL WAKE UP! there's a measly 22mil ppl in this country, it's all about mass market, we do not have the population to sustain the same pricing as FAR larger countries like US and continents like Europe therefore shipping per unit is MORE, buy pricing is MORE do you get the picture dumbos?


meh posted a comment   

i have an idea would it work if i bought one from the US and used it here?


leedsladalex posted a comment   

Check this out this explains the difference between PAL and NTSC



leedsladalex posted a comment   

The reason the UK and Aus PAL is due to the frequency of the electricity. i cant remember exaclty what it its but its like 50hz or something like that. Its doesnt make a difference now a days though its for old Analogue TVs. Games from all regions work on all PS3's so there having your eyes out. $300 US dollars is around £185. Sony just ripping the UK and Aus off. The prices will prob drop after xmas.


Meh posted a comment   

I want a new generation console but this isn't worth my veeery long wait


Jmac posted a comment   

'why don't we use NTSC then?'because it is a CR@p system


meh posted a comment   

why don't we use NTSC then?


callumcalzar posted a comment   

The reason it costs more than the U.S. version is 'cos that one is the NTSC version! We use PAL system like England, and the Slim PS3's are going to be 250 pounds, and with the currents exchange rate, it works out to be about $500 AUS dollars! That's why!

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