Unboxing the Nikon D600

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Find out what's inside the box of Nikon's new baby full-frame SLR, the D600.

We take a look at what you get with the camera, as well as giving our first impressions of how it looks and feels in the hand. The D600 comes in either a body-only configuration or with the 24-85mm lens as a kit. While Nikon no longer issues official RRPs for its products, we've seen the D600 for sale as body only between AU$2500-AU$2700 at a range of Australian retailers.

To read up more on the internals of the D600 as well as its specifications, head over to our preview.

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SPierce posted a comment   

Thanks Lexi,

That gives a good idea of the size of beast and configuration, useful to me in my seemingly never ending camera equipment acquisition decisions.


Carbonaceous posted a comment   

Thanks for that Lexi...but you kind of expect the D600 to be in the box when you buy it. What about some objective performance testing, and image quality comparisons with competitor products. That would be far more usefull to someone making a decision about whether to shell out the cash on this camera!


Lexy Savvides posted a reply   

Hi Carbonaceous,

I did this unboxing on the very first day we got the camera. Expect the full review complete with all those comparisons in the next week or so. Obviously, I can't make those sorts of comparisons without actually testing anything first! :)


ADSLNerd posted a comment   

For $2,700, I want Made in Japan thanks, not Made in Thailand. I have always found Japanese quality superior to Thailand and price is almost identical.

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