Unboxing the Nikon Df

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We take a look at what's inside the box of Nikon's retro-inspired camera for photo enthusiasts.

We don't just perform unboxings on any old camera — the Df is something quite different to your run-of-the-mill SLR. The Df is Nikon's attempt to persuade owners of legacy lenses that digital is the way to go.

Though it shares many of the same internals with its flagship D4, the Df does away with video recording altogether. A camera for still-photo purists, then.

Even though Nikon Australia does not issue official RRPs, we do know that the Df is on sale for a street price of around AU$3100 for body only and between AU$3400-AU$3500 with the kit 50mm f/1.8 lens. Does what's inside the box deserve the asking price? Find out what you get for your money in the video above.

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