Under wraps: Apple's Sydney City Store

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Even though the store remains shrouded in secrecy, literally, we popped down to the site of the Sydney city Apple Store, on the corner of George St and King St, to see how work was coming along.

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paulbrown3 posted a comment   

just got an email from apple. June 19 is the big day


Mungo McC posted a comment   

Upholding journalistic integrity? at C|net? C'mon Craig you might actually believe you're not suckling at Microsoft's teat but this is an ad-riddled corporate **** of a site with the kind of integrity that makes Fox News seem fair and balanced.


Atcote posted a comment   

Darn Sydney... I can only hope that Melbourne will get one eventually.
Not that I live in Melbourne, I just prefer it to Sydney (us Victorians living in NSW go through hell I tells ya).


Craig Simms posted a comment   

We have bosses at Microsoft? Sweet mercy no one told me. And to think I'd been upholding journalistic integrity all this time.

Looks like you've subscribed to internet misconception #44, zato3: if someone ever, ever says something positive about a company, they must be being paid off.

Definitely not the case, CNET is an independent media company.


KenC posted a comment   

RDF is old school. Steve Jobs is projecting a Reality Enhancement Field, an REF.


hypermouse posted a comment   

Have you never visited an Apple store? The one in Tokyo is also 3 stories tall, and features one floor with a dedicated theatrette. Better to have too much space than too little ;-)


zato3 posted a comment   

What are your bosses at Microsoft going to do about this, CNet? All that money they spent to buy the continent of Australia, and now the population is going Mac. Bummer!


ha posted a comment   

77 King is a commercial building, no actual living there

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