Up close with the Galaxy S4

We get hands on with Samsung's Galaxy S4 (GS4), and take a good look at the new phone and its features from all angles.

Samsung's Galaxy S4 launch event has thrown out a host of information about the new handset, from its eye-scrolling features to its touchscreen that doesn't even require touch. In this gallery, we take an up close and personal look at the S4's features and design.

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grumpi posted a comment   

The IR blaster is a great feature. It will save me coughing up for a separate Harmony remote.


AllanC1 posted a comment   

The note 2 is better in every way.


Dunners posted a reply   

Personally i own the Note 2 and i agree it's an excellent device. But better in every way..?
Thats a big claim, especially if you haven't even used the S4 yet.


Will1505 posted a reply   

I think the note series are awesome too, but the processor in the S4 will be a beast. The note 3 will be an epic phone

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