Updated iOS Google app speedier than before

The new version of the search giant's iOS search app is faster and easier to use.

Google iOS app

(Screenshot by Rafe Needleman)

Google has just updated its iOS Google Search app. We've always preferred searching for web content on the iPhone using Google's dedicated search app, compared to the search box built in to Safari. Now the experience is better.

The updated app focuses on speed — both in terms of how quickly it runs (faster, especially auto complete) and with a few user interface tweaks that make using it feel a lot better. On a mobile device, especially if it's a bit underpowered, these little things matter. For example, if you're viewing a page that you reached through the search app (it has its own browser), swiping your finger from left to right on the page pops you back in to your search results list. It makes sorting through results much less of a chore.

There's also a nice, easy feature to search within a page, something that's buried in Safari.

The image search in the new app is also much faster, kind of magically so. On the iPad, scrolling among image results gives you a slick Coverflow-like animation.


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