Upgrade to a new phone in 6 steps

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Buying a new gadget, especially a phone, is an exciting time. Before you leap headfirst into a new purchase, read through our guide to make sure the process of switching from old to new is as easy as possible.

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NobleL posted a comment   

Or just use HTC phones with HTC sync. That will take care of all your contacts, shortcuts emails, sms, photos and MP3s. Google Play will let you bring back all your previous apps. Jobs a good'ne.

Alternatively use an iPhone with iTunes. The only difference is the with the iPhone you have the desperate need to try and convince non-iPhone users that they made the wrong choice with their phone.

Here's me thinking this article may actually be informative and discuss the finer nuances of transplanting the look and feel of your phone to a new handset. In reality this article is as redundant and obvious as Pipa Middletons book on organising parties... "step 1, invite people"


PeterDon posted a comment   

You can use MOBILedit PC Suite to tansfer data such as contacts, SMS or photos between different phones. Here's the download site www.mobiledit.com


RyanB3 posted a comment   

I love how they ask you if you want an Android, Iphone or Windows phone, and theres not even a Windows Phone on the picture. #FAIL

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