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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

US cinemas installing Smell-O-Vision?

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In what seems like a logical response to cinema audiences hating on 3D movies, around 200 cinemas in the US are looking to install "4D" technology, adding odours, wind and mists of water to enhance the cinema experience.

According to the LA Times, Korean company CJ Group is working with the cinemas to retrofit the theatres with seats that express the effects, and that are also capable of moving in a way that corresponds to the action on the screen. Anyone else thinking about Basic Instinct? Theatres will also have giant fans installed overhead to create larger, weather-like effects.

Installing the 4DX tech will cost about US$2 million per theatre, and the system is capable of producing over 1,000 smells, including burnt rubber, gun powder, perfume, sea water and coffee. CJ Group has already installed the seats in cinemas in Asia and recently in Mexico, where the world's fourth largest cinema group is one of its customers.

And, because we're good sports, we're going to put our cynicism aside for a moment and build a short list of scenes from our favourite movies that we'd like to see in Smell-O-Vision. Feel free to add your own in the comments below.

  • Any scene set in a sewer in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • The infamous dinner table scene in The Nutty Professor

  • Your choice of any corpse discovery scene, in any serial killer thriller

  • Linda's Blair's pea-soup vomit scene in The Exorcist.


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LauroneM posted a comment   

The scene in "Back to the future"when Biff gets cow manure dumped on him.


LesterD posted a comment   

There is a 4D theatre in Christchurch NZ. 3D visual and the seats move. I am not joking about the earthquakes either. The 4D theatre is at the NZ Antarctic Centre near the airport. Don't think they have smell in there though. Haven't been, but have seen it advertised.


KeatonH posted a comment   

I want to be comfortable when i watch a movie. Why should have to wear a jacket inside?

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