US Judge OKs Apple injunction on Galaxy Nexus

More bad news for Samsung in its legal battle with Apple: a US district judge has just granted Apple a preliminary injunction against Samsung's Galaxy Nexus phone.

(Credit: Samsung)

That's the same device Google handed out to developers just a couple of days ago at its I/O conference. Apple had requested an injunction against the smartphone in February, alleging that it infringed on several of its patents. An injunction would keep the Samsung device from being sold in stores in the US.

According to Reuters' Dan Levine, the injunction can go into effect, as soon as Apple posts a bond of "nearly $96 million". He added that the decision centred around US patent 8,086,604, which covers unified search functionality. Apple had cited three others in its original complaint.

In a statement, Samsung said that it's disappointed in the decision and that it will take "all available measures, including legal action, to ensure the Galaxy Nexus remains available to consumers".

An Apple representative reiterated the same statement the company has run with since it took aim at the South Korean technology giant in a patent-infringement suit last April.

"It's no coincidence that Samsung's latest products look a lot like the iPhone and iPad, from the shape of the hardware to the user interface and even the packaging," Apple said in an emailed statement. "This kind of blatant copying is wrong and, as we've said many times before, we need to protect Apple's intellectual property when companies steal our ideas."

Reuters was the first to report the news, which was handed down in a decision from District Judge Lucy Koh in a San Jose, California, court this afternoon.

The win is Apple's second against Samsung this week. On late Tuesday, the iPhone, iPad and Mac maker was awarded a preliminary injunction against Samsung's Galaxy Tab device, a ruling that also came from Koh. Apple quickly followed through with a $2.6 million bond, to back any potential damages if the decision is reversed, but there will be an additional hearing before that goes into effect.

Google began selling Samsung's Galaxy Nexus directly to consumers in April. The device originally debuted at a Google-held event last October, in hand with Android 4.0, code-named Ice Cream Sandwich. At its I/O developer conference this past Wednesday, Google said that the Nexus Galaxy would be one of the first devices to get the upcoming version of Android 4.1, dubbed Jelly Bean, to arrive next month.


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justb posted a comment   
United States

Samsung has the win from a week ago over connecting with 3G technology patent, Apple has to pay them, Motorola also has one where Apple has to pay, look it up, it's not JUST APPLE


Will1505 posted a comment   

I think this is a bad win for Apple. Google have held back taking apple to court even though they have had opportunities to do so. I don't think waking a sleeping giant is a smart idea.

On another note. The 10.1 was at the end of its life anyway, so Samsung already got most of the revenue out of it anyway. The Nexus is close to about 3/4 of its life through. So again, Samsung have already made the revenue it needed to out of it. So all the money that Apple are spending isn't lowering any profits in anyway.


zi ggy posted a comment   

funny how samsung make some of the iphones components, such as the RAM and the CPU, and some rumours suggesting even the retina display. in fact samsung makes a quarter of the iphone, so if samsung were to end the supplying deal with apple over this, the iphone may find it hard to leave the factory itself.


Im Batman posted a comment   

Looks like we have another device that we can export to the US.

Interesting to see the differences in the bond amounts that Apple is required to get the injunction applied between the two cases (50x).
Surprisign to see that Apple moved quickly to apply an injunction on the Samsung Tab 10.1 (read tablet that has already expired its shelf life) but they haven't yet posted the bond for this injuction... where the Nexus is a far more current and applicable device.

these patent trials seem to really dance around the core issue, especially in this case, when the universal search is on all Android devices but Apple chooses to focus it all on Samsung as they are the manufacturers of the device... where the software comes Samsung via Google.


EricJ posted a comment   

WTF this device looks and works NOTHING like an Apple device wtf are they on about?


tysoncsmith posted a reply   

Apple crying poor as this device is better than theirs. In apples eyes, if a company makes a better phone or device that theirs, litigate. This is just waisting the courts time and public money.


Im Batman posted a reply   

Just standard quote from Apple, talking about the "Look and feel" of the samsung devices, from the Samsung Tab 10.1 case which had hardware complaints to it.

Looks like the Judge agreed with you that the device "doens't work like an apple" as he dismissed three other charges against it... to bad that the universal search one stuck.


Im Batman posted a reply   

@Eric J,
Saw this link, thought it might help you with your difficulty to see the similarities..


justb posted a reply   
United States

This is not over looks it's over 4 patents, the Siri patent and 3 others.

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