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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Use a can opener on blister packs and other life hacks

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Michelle Starr is the tiger force at the core of all things. She also writes about cool stuff and apps as CNET Australia's Crave editor. But mostly the tiger force thing.

(Credit: ShiaLaBeowulf)

Sometimes the solutions to life's little problems are simple — but ingenious.

Blister packs. Ugh. We hate those things. They are not human friendly at all. Did you know that you can use a can opener to get the product out? We didn't. Scrolling through this Tumblr post was like finding a goldmine of solutions to our teeny-tiny grievances.

One thing it taught us is that you can never have too many bread clips. Or empty toilet rolls.

For example:

(Credit: ShiaLaBeowulf)

And this is just brilliant:

(Credit: ShiaLaBeowulf)

Whoever came up with these, thank you so very much.

Find the rest here, and prepare to have your life made at least 2 per cent easier.


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