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Checking out the FJ Cruiser at your Toyota local dealership may tell plenty about the car, but it's hard to imagine what it would look like on your driveway, next to your yacht or approaching Machu Picchu. You certainly won't be able to check out all of its components.

Toyota Australia and Rotor Studios have come up with a system that allows the user to explore a virtual car in realistic 3D environment just by waving their arms about. The system comprises of a powerful computer, a 3D projector and a Kinect sensor bar.

If the boffins have their way, a system like the one they've developed could help prospective owners picture their future ride in locales a little more charming than the showroom. It could also help train mechanics with all the elements of the cars and engines that they're tasked with maintaining and fixing.

Check out the video above to see the system in action.

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MaxIT posted a comment   

(gasp) still an ugly donkey!...(sigh)


StevieC posted a comment   

pretty sure i'd just rather use an easy to use computer. i guess its a start.
i think if i walked past something like this id be more likely to check it out than a web demo.
check back in a few years

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