Use the TIO when phone troubles get grim

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After hearing yet another horror story from a friend who received an unwarranted overcharge from a phone company, I thought it about time to mention the TIO.

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, or TIO, is there to help consumers stand up to their telco when things aren't going their way. If you've argued your case, but still feel badly treated, then visit, and get in contact to get their assistance with the problem.

The TIO can help with troubles related to financial or contractual disputes with mobile phones, fixed-line phones, broadband connections and other wireless data plans. For anything related to communications contracts, the TIO can help you understand your rights and help enforce your rights.

Often, just the mention of the TIO is enough to help swing things your way.

If you feel like you are being pushed around by your phone company, get the TIO to help.

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