Valve denies involvement in Xi3 Piston 'Steam Box'

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Turns out the US$999 "Steam Box" from Xi3 might be less steamy than originally expected.

Less Steam, more fizzle? Valve has distanced itself from the Xi3 Piston.
(Credit: Xi3)

Despite news back at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that the Piston PC would be a joint effort from Xi3 and Valve, it seems like it's all a little less clear than that.

As we noted when we reported the news of the Piston pre-orders beginning back on 11 March, there was a curious absence of the words "Valve" and "Steam" in the release from Xi3 — with good reason, it appears.

Valve marketing director Doug Lombardi contacted Eurogamer to deny any involvement in the Piston PC.

"Valve began some exploratory work with Xi3 last year, but currently has no involvement in any product of theirs," he said.

This isn't to say that the Piston won't work as a Steam Box — it's a small PC that will run Steam, after all — but it does mean that Valve's promise of Steam Box prototypes in the next few months is a lot more interesting all of a sudden. Also, it makes Infinity Ward's tweets showing an Xi3 PC in its offices even more confusing.

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booboosix40 posted a comment   

I can't see this thing doing well. With the premium price tag and Valve denying any involvement. Sad

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