Verdict of the HP Officejet Pro 8600

In my overall experience with the HP Officejet Pro 8600, I found it to be a score of nine out 10. I found it to be very useful in my business. The printer was large, which in my opinion was not all a bad thing, but I did need room to put it somewhere. I found it to be very economical in ink, paper and saving money on electricity. I did, however, like the large capacity of the paper tray, and there was also the clever ideas of the HP printer having the touchscreen animation for a help guide if needed, as well as other functions, such as HP Digital Filing for multiple users over a network, where you could touch a button on the printer control panel and either scan documents directly to a computer folder on your network or share them through an email attachment or a fax document. I could then save them on a folder, which I could then store or share through email and fax anywhere while I was working away from my office.

HP ePrint

I liked the feature of HP ePrint that allowed me to print at any time to any location from a mobile phone, and that I could have my own email address. And it had the capability of the SD memory cards, which was very handy to have.

Printer Apps

The Printer Apps function was clever, but I did not feel that I would need to use it that much, unless there was something specific that I was looking for or needed, but it was still handy to have.


I used this facility quite a lot in my business, and I found that I could send my faxes in black and white or colour. I liked that I could send a fax manually from the phone, which then enabled me to talk before I could send the fax; and I could send the fax either from the automatic document feeder or from the scanner glass; and, if the fax I was receiving was too large, it would automatically reduce the size for me; and I could have all of my faxes in memory, in case I required or lost a document; and I could keep track of my fax by a report, which to me was great to have in our office.

Print quality

This was great, as long as I used the correct paper for the photo, and that it was not too thick, but just the right size to go through the printer without getting stuck. I compared my other printer to the HP, and I would have to say that the quality of colour was better with the HP comparison with my other printers.


This feature, I used quite a lot, and having to be able to scan and to choose how I wanted to send my document — by email, memory device or computer — was a big plus for me. Everything that I did, I could not find anything hard, and it was very quick and simple.

As a business, and having the opportunity to use the HP Officejet Pro 8600 for four weeks, I would recommend it to anyone who is in business and requires the facilities that it has. It is a great printer to have, and is great for any business, small or large.

Great idea, HP; keep up the good work!

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