Victoria, Australia

Title: Beechworth Hospital

Photographer: Barb Gannon

Date taken: August 2011

Location: Beechworth, Victoria, Australia

Behind the scenes: Hubby and I spent the weekend in Beechworth, a former gold mining town in North East Victoria, steeped in beautiful architecture. It has the best cycling tracks. After a long day riding to Myrtleford (90km) on the Rail Trail, I dragged hubby around the town at sunset desperately looking for something to snap. We stumbled upon the hospital (which is only this gorgeous facade). It was demolished in 1940 to make way for a new one. As they were short on building materials when building the new one, they pillaged from the old one.

The Canon 7D handled beautifully in the really low light, bumping the EV up helped. The colours are as seen; I just love this sunset orangey purple. The pic looks likes a CD cover for a horror movie or paperback novel, really eerie.

Camera used: Canon EOS 7D

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