Video-game characters get real with fake Facebook photos

Artist Andrew Golden lives in a world where famous video-game characters have escaped from their consoles, signed up for Facebook accounts and posted photos from their everyday lives.

Golden's imaginings run the gamut from Uncharted's main character Drake's family vacation at the Grand Canyon to Goro from Mortal Kombat showing off his 12-pack stomach and four arms at the gym.

The images don't stop at snapshots. They also include snarky or admiring comments from video-game characters' Facebook friends. Mario from Super Mario Bros hoists a beer at a bar while his sibling Luigi announces his photo bomb in the comments section.

Zelda and Link share a sappy photo of themselves cuddling in Zelda's album of engagement pics. The happy couple is congratulated in the comments, with lots of excessive exclamation marks from Navi and the Happy Mask Salesman.

This isn't the first time that video-game characters have made an attempt to escape into real life. Angry Birds have flown through the air for a T-Mobile marketing stunt, and French comedian Remi Gaillard took a real Mario kart for a spin around Paris.

You may not be able to catch Donkey Kong's bongo band at the local watering hole anytime soon, but, thanks to Golden's rampant imagination, it sure looks real enough.

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