Video made with Google's glasses bounces online

How has Google and its high-tech specs topped company VP Sebastian Thrun's viral photo of a dad's-eye view of swinging his boy around in circles?

Easy; it put the Project Glass spectacles on someone, put that someone on a trampoline, put the setting on "video" and let that someone start jumping and filming.

One of the Project Glass photos that was posted to Google+ this week. For a video shot by someone wearing the specs, scroll down.
(Credit: Google)

Google posted the video to Google+ this week, in a gallery devoted to the Google+ Photography Conference, which took place in San Francisco on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It also posted photos of a Google Glass Walk that was part of the conference.

Thrun's earlier photo got people talking about a new era in photography, and videos like this one, as they begin to appear, may well inspire chatter about a new era in cinematography.

But don't hold your breath when it comes to donning a pair of Project Glass specs and shooting your own first-person version of Lady in the Lake. The Huffington Post has reported that Google co-founder Sergey Brin said at the conference that the Project Glass prototypes we've been seeing around "are not beta, these are not alpha; these are, you know, kind of rough off the lab floor". On being asked by The Verge about rumours that the specs would hit the market by the end of the year, Brin simply said, "give us time".


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