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Apple iPad (2012)

Apple's new iPad is a mix of the familiar and the futuristic. Its design remains practically unchanged from last year's iPad 2. Its internal components and wireless capabilities have only received a predictable bump. You'll think that Apple fell asleep at the wheel with this one — until that moment when you turn on the screen.

When I tell you that Apple has doubled the iPad's screen resolution to an unprecedented 2048x1536 pixels, your eyes should water a little. No other screen in your home can compete with this resolution — not your laptop, not your desktop computer, not even your 1080p TV. For a device that fits in your lap and costs as little as AU$539, a screen like this is an impressive feat.

Speaking of pricing, the going rate for an iPad hasn't changed since the tablet's introduction in 2010. The AU$539 entry-level price buys you 16GB of built-in storage; spending AU$649 buys you twice the room (32GB); and AU$759 will bring you up to 64GB. All three models can access the internet over Wi-Fi, and are available in either black or white. If you want the added ability to access the internet over a 3G cellular network, tack on an extra AU$140.

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