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BlueAnt Wireless X3 micro

BlueAnt Wireless is an Australian company known for its wide range of Bluetooth-enabled devices. One such device is the BlueAnt Wireless X3 micro headset, a cute little headset that comes in black, white, and most recently, pink. You can get them for AU$129 each.

One of the primary attractions of the X3 micro is its design. While it isn't as small as the Nokia BH-800 or the Jabra JX10, it's quite compact and lightweight (52mm by 26mm by 28mm and 13 grams). It's also sleek and cute, and we like the sporty colour combinations (the black and white versions have blue accents, while the pink has white accents). On the front of the headset is a round multifunction button surrounded by the volume controls (volume decrease is on top while volume increase is below). Surrounding the controls is an indicator light that flashes when the headset is powered on.

On the back of the headset is an earbud that rests in the ear canal for a more secure fit. The headset comes with an optional ear hook, which you can adjust to fit over either ear, and removable foam earbud covers for comfort. If you choose to wear the X3 micro without the ear hook, a removable soft-gel earbud cover provides extra comfort and security. Even without the earbud covers, however, we found the size of the earbud to be a little larger than the ones we're used to, so it may feel a little uncomfortable for those with smaller ears.

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