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In the frame: Airlock with Enzo Tedeschi

Enzo Tedeschi and his partner Julian Harvey pioneered the crowdfunded film in Australia with The Tunnel. We catch up to talk film-making, crowdfunding and his latest project, Airlock.

In 2010, before anyone had really heard of Kickstarter, Enzo Tedeschi and Julian Harvey of Distracted Media hit upon a new way to make an independent film: selling frames of the film to a potential audience, raising the funds to get the film made. This was called the 135K Project, and the film was The Tunnel, a harrowing subterranean exploration of the abandoned tunnels under the Sydney CBD.

For the launch of Kickstarter to Australian creators, Distracted Media has launched another project using a similar model: Airlock, a three-part sci-fi thriller about the perils of hubris.

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