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Kogan Agora ICS tablet

Just how much computer do you get when you spend AU$200 on a 10.1-inch Android tablet? We put Kogan's latest to the test.


If you were to slip a new Agora tablet out on the train and start surfing the web in front of the rest of the commuters in your cabin, we think you'd be the only person who would know that you paid less than AU$200 for it. Kogan's design is a nice mix of the familiar and the new, so that the Agora tablet feels nice and looks expensive. From the front, you'd be forgiven for mistaking it for an iPad, despite it lacking a "Home" button. From behind, this tablet has a unique look, with a stiff plastic chassis moulded to look like cool, gun-metal aluminium.

At only 600-grams, the Agora is an impressively lightweight 10-inch tablet, and its 12mm depth is easy to hold. There is a sharp-ish edge running around the tablet, which presses into the hands a little, but all in all, the Agora is quite comfortable. Kogan has the volume controls on the top-right of the unit (when the screen is facing the user) and the power button is on the lower part of the right side. This button positioning is a little awkward to find easily, but it's not a major concern after some practice.

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