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Battery life: the bane of every portable tech lovers existence. One day we might be able to charge our phones using the power of good will or the heat our body expels, but in the meantime we look to rechargeable battery packs as a solution.

The Powermonkey eXplorer belongs to a larger family of simian power packs under the Powertraveller umbrella, including the Powergorilla and Powerchimp. While the others play with larger tech, the Powermonkey is designed to work with mobile phones and MP3 players, like Apple iPods. Along with a selection of adapters and wall socket extensions, the retail kit includes a 2200mAh battery and a solar panel to be used as an alternative recharging method in areas where you're likely to be without access to mains power or a PC to piggyback on.

2200mAh is an excellent size for a battery of this kind. If you consider that the largest smartphone battery we've seen is 1500mAh and that most phone batteries are approximately 900mAh, then the Powermonkey should equate to between one and a half to two full charges of your phone.

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