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TomTom Go 1000


As TomTom's top-end model range, the latest generation Go series features a swag of high-stylin' design cues. On the back there's a machined metal cover that feels particularly upmarket, while the front is dominated by a glossy capacitive 4.3-inch touchscreen — the Go 1050 and Go 1050 World are mechanically identical, but feature a larger 5-inch capacitive touchscreen.

At 19mm thick and with a body primarily constructed out of plastic, the latest Go range can't quite match the sheer sex appeal of the Garmin Nuvi 3760 and Nuvi 3790T. Although the AU$50 saving over the Nuvi 3760 does make up for this slightly.

TomTom Go 1000TomTom Go 1000TomTom Go 1000TomTom Go 1000TomTom Go 1000

Click through for a look at the TomTom Go 1000.
(Credit: TomTom)

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