Vintage military planes fly high in art exhibit

If there's one medium that you wouldn't expect to see being taken on by graffiti and other contemporary artists, it's military aeroplanes.

But thanks to the folk behind Round Trip: Art from the Boneyard Project exhibition, now on display at the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona, visitors can see just that.

Although only five full aeroplanes have been painted — out of dozens in the museum's full collection — the show also includes two cockpits and a large group of aeroplane sections, all re-imagined with an artist's flair. The exhibition, which runs through 31 May, "resurrects disused aeroplanes from America's military history through the creative intervention of contemporary artists, taking entire aeroplanes and their elements out of aeronautic resting spots in the desert, known as 'boneyards', and putting them into the hands of artists", according to a release about the show.

There are few places on the planet where an artist's rendition of a gorgeous old aircraft will better blend in with the environment than in the American southwest. The museum has a terrific collection, and now, those lucky enough to get a chance to see the exhibition will get to see some of America's most beloved military planes with a whole new lease on life.

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