Virgin cuts back to five post-paid plans

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Virgin Mobile has restructured its post-paid plans, cutting back to just five options for new customers.

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The new plans maintain the same branding as before, with two Big plans, two Fair Go plans and a single Topless, or unlimited, option. Plans start at AU$29 with a handset, but are uniformly reduced by AU$10 each month for a BYO phone option. Customers who choose the SIM-only plan also benefit from a month-to-month commitment, with no ongoing contract.

Elements of Virgin's inclusions differ from its major competition. For example, while most of the telcos offer free calls to other subscribers on the same network, Virgin customers can send text messages free too, as well as calling other Virgin members without charge. International calls and text are also included in all plans, with the cost deducted from a customer's monthly credit. Virgin's standard calling rates are slightly higher though, at 99c per minute with a 40c flagfall.

To promote the new plans, Virgin is running with the line "Fair Go Bro" and have sought out a famous celebrity brother to endorse the new plans. Doug Pitt, brother of Brad, will be the face of this campaign, with Virgin attempting to build him a network of fans online and his own personal entourage, during the promotion.

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