Virgin Mobile Broadband WiFi modem

This WiFi modem/router works well and provides great value on some plans, but we're still left wanting better performance out of Virgin Mobile's actual broadband.


Dimensions (H x W x D)
48 x 95 x 13 mm
90 g
Maximum upload speed
7.2 kbps
Maximum download speed
5.76 kbps
Network interface

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User Reviews / Comments  Virgin Mobile Broadband WiFi modem

  • Chris RE

    Chris RE


    "Needed a temporary Wi Fi, saw this in the shop and thought it would be Ok because 'Virgin' is supposed to be a modern, user friendly, go ahead mob.
    Turns out to be a load of expensive rubbish..."

  • duckcreek



    "the greatest load of crap i have ever been involved with ,the amount of dropouts is huge.
    the unfortunate part for me i am still locked in for another 18 months.

  • Patster



    "I got this about 1 year ago. Its obviously pretty weak compared to a wired land line but you can take it out and about with you.

    As far as coverage goes, its been OK. I have used it in..."

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